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Taking Back our Streets in Gloucestershire

Posted in Uncategorized by ianmean on May 11, 2010

A year ago, our headline above a story about anti-social behaviour by yobs in Podsmead, Gloucester was: Taking Back the Streets.

Now, a year on from launching the Oaklands Park Residents’ Association(OPRA) and youth committee, the residents say they have won a significant victory against anti-social behaviour.

To the point where the group say that, working in co-operation with the police, the city council and the county council, crime at one timed plummeted in the area by 75 per cent.

And the number of recorded crimes has gone down too. In April last year, the number was as high as 81 but 50 in the following month—the figure has not gone over 32 a month since last November.

All this has been achieved by residents saying enough is enough ,and working with the local police and council.

Readers may remember our new Chief Constable, Tony Melville, editing The Citizen for a day on April 7 and looking into the abuse of a fish and chip owner, Khizar Hussain in Scott Avenue, Podsmead.

Police installed two CCTV cameras in the area and Scott Avenue was highlighted as a priority for the Podsmead area by the Gloucester South Safer Community Team.

The Citizen will continue to highlight areas where residents make a stand against yobs such as here in Podsmead and support the police in their efforts.

Before the General Election, we said that anti-social behaviour in our view was an important issue. We still say that and will be looking at our new MP for Gloucester, Richard Graham, to support the residents and police to stamp it out.

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