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Rolling Stones Set for No 1 and High Heels(men’s) are Back

Posted in Uncategorized by ianmean on May 22, 2010

The Rolling Stones are back(were they ever away?) at the very top of the album charts with their revamped version of one of their most famous albums-Exile on Main Street which was first released in 1972.

Being something of an old git, and a great Stones fan, I first started seeing them around 1964 at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond. My opinion then, was as it is now, that they were the greatest rock band in the world.

As an 18 years old reporter on the South London Observer., I loved the music scene and would write pieces for the then Record Mirror and Melody Maker. I remember interviewing the Stones and admiring their Cuban heeled boots—hand made from the stage shoe makers, Anello and Davide in Charring Cross Road. The memory of those boots came back when I read today’s Times and saw an article saying that men’s heels were now becoming the height of fashion.

My Cuban heels, just ;like the Stones, cost £12 to make—my weekly wage was then £6.50.Later, as the fashion for them faded, I remember getting a saw and cutting the two inch heels down. I won’t be going in for the new man-heel but I will be listening to a lot more of the Stones. Unbeatable still.

Away for week now.

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