Straight Talking with Ian Mean

Are we really going to get political honesty on cuts to the economy?

Posted in Uncategorized by ianmean on June 9, 2010

Lady Thatcher looked very frail on the steps of No 10 Downing Street-being steadied b y David Cameron, who is going to have to make far deeper cuts to our economy than the lady whose reputation was very much based on her reputation as the biggest political axeman(or woman) of all time.

And then we saw Lord Myners, who was recruited by Gordon Brown to get business support for Labour turning on the former Prime Minister in the Lords—saying that his mentor’s former government was irresponsible to spend more money than it received from taxation.

It’s all part of perhaps the biggest political softening-up process for many years . We are being primed for the June 22 Budget which threatens to change the lives of all of us for a very long time.

But despite the gloom and foreboding, I feel that we are at long last ready for some realism in politics.

Do you?

Argue about the longevity of the new coalition government as much as you like, but I really do believe that the British public are finally accepting that we need to radically restructure our economy if we are to avoid the lessons of the Greek tragedy.

But is the government really going to talk to us or listen to us about these impending cuts? Or is this part of the Conservative Big Society mantra that turns out to be a hollow promise?

I hope not. If this government does listen before they actually cut, it will be a welcome departure for our politicians. Isn’t that what we pay our MPs for? Don’t hold your breath but let’s hope.


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