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Let’s Keep Hoping

Posted in Uncategorized by ianmean on June 18, 2010

The boos said it all at the end of the match against Algeria.

True, England fans are so very loyal but even those who had travelled all the way to South Africa must have been disgusted with the pathetic performance of our team last night against Algeria. Even the commentators were reduced to trying to take solace in the fact that it was another draw after the previous no score game against the United States. And we have still got a chance of going further in the World Cup if we win against Slovenia next week.

This was arguably the worst performance we have seen since Capello’s arrival . Here were the country’s top footballers whose skills grace the premier league every week but were last night lost in the mists of pressure or too much control from Mr Capello whose inaudible English after the match did nothing to convince me that this was a team of players enjoying their game.

I am afraid I have never held high hopes of real progression in this World Cup in South Africa, and I am not disloyal. I feel that as a journalist I am almost duty bound to ensure that I encourage everyone to get behind the team with all the goodwill and happiness that can bring. But our expectations are rarely satisfied as we experienced against Algeria last night.

Still, there’s Slovenia next week. I still hope.


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  1. Shaun Shute said, on June 19, 2010 at 10:22 am

    Form is temporary class is permanent. Keep the faith. Football is coming home.

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